Didn't get the marks you wanted? Don't let that deter you from following your dream!

08 January 2018 - 07:30 By EvenMe
123RF/Viacheslav lakobchuk.
123RF/Viacheslav lakobchuk.
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Perhaps you didn’t know that you needed to get certain marks to qualify for the degree you want to do, or you just didn’t achieve what you had hoped to. It happens more often than you think, even to some top achievers.

Whatever the reason, it’s definitely not the end of the world… Luckily, you can improve your marks.

You can write sub exams the year after your matric. Be sure to study hard for these, they could make all the difference whether you make it to university.

Another option is to take a six month or one year course called a bridging course. If you do well, you could qualify for university. Some universities require you to do a bridging course before you start the degree, others extend the first year of the degree by a year (so you do the first year in two years). Check with the different universities which degrees they offer a bridging course with.

What if you’re missing a subject required to qualify for the degree you’re interested in? You can take this subject at colleges like Damelin and Abbots College.
If you’re only studying a couple of subjects, why not clock up the hours for work experience. You can apply for an internship or job shadow someone in the industry you want to get into, volunteer or work part-time. This will strengthen your CV. 

Remember, even though there are many ways of getting to your end goal, it’s important not to waste any opportunity. Give it your all. You’ll feel great about yourself!