Young survivor & entrepreneur helps others despite her health condition

10 January 2018 - 07:00 By Jessica Evans
Motivational speaker Kerry Walsh.
Motivational speaker Kerry Walsh.
Image: Suppiled.

One rude awakening everyone experiences is that living is expensive.  This realization tends to come about in the senior years of school and university life is known for the financial burdens it brings. 

Students, being young and versatile, have found many ways to keep afloat financially – typically by getting a part-time job.  Some are brave enough to start up entire businesses whilst tackling their academics. 

It may sound ambitious, but if one has the time, energy, and smarts, why not?  

Kerry Walsh has just completed first-year studying corporate communications at Varsity College.  She is also a motivational speaker and events planner outside of exam season.  Her motivational speaking job started after matric, when she was asked to speak to some children to encourage them.  “After seeing results, I was hooked,” says Walsh. 

Walsh was originally given five years to live due to a congenital condition.  Fifteen years later she is a grown woman, studying and thriving, reminding others of the precious nature of life.  “Seeing my story touch people made me want to do something amazing with it,” remembers Walsh. 

Her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes budget and time-management, but she says would-be entrepreneurs must be passionate about their work. 

Walsh has taken her story and turned it into a business which not only makes money, but also tells young people that literally, even a death sentence cannot hold you back if you are determined, and that life is dear, you only have one, so make the most of it, and for that, she is an inspiration.