7 secrets to creating a memorable presentation

14 March 2018 - 07:00 By EvenMe
Image: 123RF

Have you ever sat through a boring presentation? Do you remember what it was about?

Exactly! Get the point?

If your presentations aren’t interesting, it doesn’t matter how important your message is, NOBODY is going to remember them!

So use these seven secrets to create a POWERFUL presentation that people will talk about for years later…

  1. What if you made your presentation rhyme like a children’s book, a poem or a riddle? This is especially cool if you can get your company name to rhyme with some rad words!
  2. Play a game with your audience instead of doing a standard presentation. This could be a quiz for example, or you could design your own form of bingo with keywords that you then tell them about. You can use all sorts of props and make it really interactive. But remember, keep it relevant to your message, don’t waste their time otherwise they will remember you for the wrong reasons.
  3. When you’re doing a presentation, you’re on stage, it’s your performance so bring out all the tips you learned in drama class! Speak loudly, show some energy, make eye contact and be dramatic when you want to emphasise something.
  4. If you have an interesting story, tell it. People remember stories more than they remember facts. If you can turn your whole presentation into a story – even better. But be interesting and authentic, pleeeeez!
  5. Read your audience and adjust your script. If they look like they’re getting fidgety or look lost, do something different.
  6. Keep it short. Don’t fill the slides with loads of long sentences. Just three or four bullets per slide and make each slide look different from the previous one. Use images wherever possible to replace text.
  7. Add unpredictable elements to your presentation. For example, use funny sound clips, like clapping after a sentence you want to emphasise. Imagine you tell them how awesome your company is and the next thing, there’s clapping in the background! Heee heee, they all laugh and you’ve done your job of getting them to remember what you just said!

Use these secrets to wow your audience and you’ll get a much better response. PLUS, they will remember your presentation and what it was about. It’s the best advert EVER!