WATCH | Questions you need to answer, for a potential funder to say yes

19 March 2018 - 07:00
By business day tv

This week on SME funding, Kumaran Padayachee will be protraying the part of a lender, and Lynette Ntuli (co-host) will be acting as a business owner applying for funding.

How sustainable is your business for potential funders to be interested in it? is the question that every business looking for funding needs to ask themselves before applying for funding. 

Kumaran Padayache questions Lynette Ntuli about her business structure and how she can improve her clients payment plan for a better chance at getting funding. 

It is important to learn and know more about what makes funders to be interested in your business and how to improve your business records and clients payment plan for funders to see a long term sustainable business that they would like to invest in. 


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