Law student builds bold beauty empire from the kitchen sink

18 September 2018 - 07:00 By Thango Ntwasa
Anet Matakala owner of organic beauty brand, Nettah Organics.
Anet Matakala owner of organic beauty brand, Nettah Organics.
Image: Supplied

Hailing from a small village in Limpopo, Anet Matakala had no idea that when she moved to Bloemfontein to pursue her studies, she would be at the helm of running an organic beauty brand, Nettah Organics.

Matakala initially made organic beauty products for herself and her friends. The growing interest in her creations motivated her to start Nettah Organics. She also noticed that organic cosmetics were much too expensive.

Each product is created according to the customer’s personal needs. She personally mixes the desired product in her own kitchen. “Not every product is going to work for every person. Skins react differently to different products.”

Starting Nettah Organics was not easy. Even her family did not show great confidence in her foray into the beauty business.

“You know how African parents are; you just need to get a degree. They did not believe in the business. My mother did not want to give me money for it because I had to finish my final year,” said Matakala. “So, last year December I decided not to go home in order to focus on raising funds. It was not enough, but when my mom came to visit me and she saw that I really needed it she gave me R1,500 so I could start and launch my products.”

Nettah Organics products include soaps made from cinnamon and bath salts made from a coffee and rooibos mixture. There are also beauty products for men such as beard balms.

While there is a demand for her organic products, Matakala is frustrated by some customers who ask for bizarre and harmful products. “Everyone these days wants to be a yellow bone,” she laughs, “I wanted people to feel beautiful in their own natural skin.”

Organic beauty brand, Nettah Organics.
Organic beauty brand, Nettah Organics.

The interest in harmful products that lighten skin tone presented a challenge for Matakala, who does not use harmful chemicals for Nettah Organics. “I do have a product that can do that in a natural way, but I don’t want to sell it in that manner. I’m trying to promote natural and organic skin care.”

Whether you are struggling with pimples or bad hair days, Nettah Organics products are available online where you can also request a personalised beauty remedy.