SA swimmer's incredible race for charity

27 August 2018 - 09:10 By NALEDI SHANGE
Cameron Bellamy will be making his way around the Barbadados island
Cameron Bellamy will be making his way around the Barbadados island
Image: Cameron Bellamy via Facebook

A South African man will on Monday be attempting to do something that has never been done before – embark on a 96 kilometre non-stop swimming expedition.

Cameron Bellamy will be making his way around the Barbados island‚ a swim that is expected to take him no less than a day and a half. This swim is longer than the ultimate human race – the Comrades Marathon – which is an 89km footrace.

"There is a buzz of excitement and a huge following here amongst the locals in Barbados‚" his mother‚ Janita Bellamy‚ said in a statement.

"He is doing all these challenges to bring in donations for a charity he set up‚ educating youngsters in our rural Eastern Cape."

Cameron is no stranger to pushing the boundaries in the water‚ having had already swum the English Channel and the Oceans Seven marathon.

Swimming magazine described the Barbados waters as a "swimmer's paradise".

"The water is clear and warm and‚ on the southern and western sides‚ usually calm. Swimmers can look forward to seeing turtles‚ stingrays‚ tropical fish and beautiful corals in the water‚" the magazine said. "However‚ the north and east coasts are exposed to the full force of the Atlantic Ocean. Local folklore considers this part of the island to be non-swimmable due to strong and unpredictable currents."

Cameron is expected to start his swim at 7pm in Barbados time‚ which is around midnight in South Africa.

"Cameron has chosen to swim mostly at night due to the hot scorching sunshine‚ to finish early morning on Wednesday‚ back at Carlisle Bay‚" said Janita.

His journey can be tracked here