Golden Arrows coach Steve Komphela would welcome five substitutions with ‘open arms’

01 June 2020 - 14:13 By Mahlatse Mphahlele
Steve Komphela is targeting three wins in the nine matches remaining in the season.
Steve Komphela is targeting three wins in the nine matches remaining in the season.
Image: Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

Golden Arrows coach Steve Komphela would welcome the introduction of five substitutions with ‘both hands’ when the PSL campaign resumes after the Covid-19 enforced break.

When the Bundesliga resumed earlier this month‚ German coaches were allowed to make five substitutes per match and La Liga in Spain‚ Serie A in Italy and the English Premier League are set to follow suit.

There has not been any indication from the PSL if clubs are going to be allowed to make five substitutions but Komphela said he would welcome the move even though it's going to come with pros and cons.

“My view on the five subs‚ I look at it from a positive side. Players have just got out of this trauma of Covid-19 where they have been training at home.

"There is also the challenge that we will be playing two matches per week and that should count as a well‚” he said.

“In as much as you have pros‚ you also have cons of what are the challenges when it comes to these five subs.

"From a coaching point of view‚ it is going to affect the rhythm of the game and it means that I must then train my players to adapt to conditions that whatever sub I am making the system of the team must still be rolling.

"It must not hinder or affect the rhythm and the system of the team which is how we train at Golden Arrows.

Komphela added that the five substitutions are going to benefit teams that plays in a system and don’t rely on individual star players to influence their results.

“Everyone at Golden Arrows knows the duties and the responsibilities of a right back and I can play a striker at right back at Arrows.

"Is it going to benefit teams with good systems and it is going to work against teams who depend on players.

"Teams who are depended on a system apply the same system depending on who comes on or off but teams that depend on players in terms of quality will be affected when they make subs.”

“I welcome it with both hands. We did a workshop with retired referee Ace Ncobo on the laws of the game because Fifa has amended some of the rules.

"We invited him to discuss with us because as a coach I can read the rules and interpret them as a coach and players can read them and interpret them as players.

"But the interpretation of the laws of the game needs an expert and Ace tore the thing apart.

“And as you ask about the five subs and its implications‚ I answer with better understanding because they have been fully explained.

"I am confident‚ comfortable and I welcome the initiative. Like I said earlier‚ it’s going to help players and coaches and it also considers the conditions of Civid-19 because you don’t know what is going to happen when we resume playing.

"There are still going to be challenges that are going to arise when the plan unfolds. So‚ we have to be ready for that.”