ANC pays its staff for June, but who knows when they’ll get paid for July

In a memo to staff, the party said this month’s salaries, which were due on Sunday, would be delayed

27 July 2021 - 15:56
By kgothatso madisa AND Kgothatso Madisa
The ANC has apologised to its employees and their families for the 'hardship and the uncertainty' caused by the 'regrettable' delays.
Image: Phillio Nothnagel RED FLAG The ANC has apologised to its employees and their families for the 'hardship and the uncertainty' caused by the 'regrettable' delays.

The ANC has finally paid its employees their June salaries, but is yet to pay what it owes them for July.

Staff at party headquarters, Luthuli House in Johannesburg, and provincial offices have gone unpaid for two months as the ANC struggled to find money to run its operations.

Workers had to find other means of meeting their financial obligations, while continuing their daily duties for the party.

Though a memo from management said employees would be paid by close of business on Monday, a staff member said it only came through on Tuesday morning.

“They paid June salaries this morning, my brother. July [is still] outstanding and no word as to when it will be paid,” said a staffer.

In the memo to staff last week, general manager Febe Potgieter said: “By instruction of the treasurer general, this is to indicate that outstanding salaries for June 2021 will be paid on Monday, 26 July 2021. Unfortunately, July 2021 salaries, due on the 25th of this month, will be delayed.”

She apologised to the staff and their families for the “hardship and the uncertainty” caused by the “regrettable” delays.

Potgieter said this was the first time since the party ran into money problems that salaries had been delayed by two months.

“We appreciate the commitment and dedication of ANC staff who, despite these difficulties, diligently serve their organisation.”

The ANC barely has enough money to fund its operations, with the Sunday Times reporting in May that the SA Revenue Service (Sars) had garnisheed the party’s bank account because of an R80m tax debt and that families of its deceased staff members were yet to receive pension and death benefit payouts, months after burying loved ones.

Sunday Times Daily last week reported that employees had given the party until the end of July to get its finances in order, pay their outstanding salaries, ensure medical payments were up to date and, most importantly, clear all pension and provident fund arrears.

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ANC staff representative Mvusi Mdala said the nonpayment of retirement benefit contributions, while being deducted from their salaries, was a criminal offence.

“We are not going to back down on that; we are taking it very seriously. We have given the leadership of the ANC until the end of July to pay up. Failing that, we’ve got other options. One is to take it to the ombudsman. The other option we might consider is to approach the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) if we [get no] joy at the ombudsman or the CCMA.

“Our deadline on the provident fund is July 31.”​