FREE | Read 'Sunday Times Storytime: SA Stories for Children'

08 March 2021 - 10:07
By Mila de Villiers
The cover of the 'Sunday Times' children's book.
Image: Supplied The cover of the 'Sunday Times' children's book.

Introducing children to stories and books at a young age plays a pivotal role in encouraging and nurturing a lifelong love of reading and curiosity, also inspiring imagination.

Storytime: South African Stories for Children, recently published by local NPO Book Dash, consists of 64 pages and four delightfully illustrated tales that will enchant three- to-six-year-olds and their parents alike.

There's a chicken who wants to learn how to fly; a young boy gardening with his grandfather; a little girl and her appreciation for bedtime stories; and a spotted hyena who - gasp! – has lost his voice.

Happy paging!

Page through our e-book below (zoom in or go full screen for ease of reading):