Eben Venter exhibits intimate photos at Queer Visualities 2019

Venter's exhibition is an extension of Green as the Sky is Blue, featuring 49 photos accompanied by text from the book

28 February 2019 - 12:34


Simon Avend, a South African living in Australia, can be unruly.

He often sets out to exotic destinations, indulging his desires in places like Bali, Istanbul, Tokyo, and the Wild Coast.

But along the way unsettling memories arise, of people and also places, especially the cattle farm in the Eastern Cape where he grew up.

He approaches a therapist to help him make sense of his past, a process that leads them both on a journey of discovery.

When circumstances bring Simon back to South Africa, he must confront the beauty and bitterness of his country of birth, and of the people to whom he is bound.

Green as the Sky is Blue is a bold, unflinching exploration of sexuality, intimacy, and the paradox that lies at the heart of our humanity.


The 2019 Queer Visualities lecture series, presented by North-West University, includes an exhibition curated by Venter. 

Described by the author as an extension of his novel, the exhibition features 49 photos (courtesy of the scribe himself) accompanied by text from the book. 

Venter shared the following photos with us: