Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch rides again

18 May 2020 - 15:16
'Sex, Lies Declassified' is the second title in Mazza's steamy saga.
'Sex, Lies Declassified' is the second title in Mazza's steamy saga.
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In 2019, Eva Mazza's Sex, Lies & Stellenbosch took the SA publishing world by storm. The sizzling novel, centred on the seemingly upstanding lives of Stellenbosch's elite, has remained in the Top 100 since publication.

Now Sex, Lies Declassified, the much-anticipated sequel, is about to land and whet the appetites of thousands of readers obsessed with what happens next in the steamy lives of the winelands aristocracy.

At the end the first book, Jen, the main protagonist, receives a mysterious WhatsApp, which sets book two in motion.

The sequel masterfully tracks the next stage of the lives of the characters readers got to love and hate. There is Jen's ex-husband, John, bent on a path of self-destruction; her ex-best friend, Frankie, who betrayed Jen in more ways than one; and the sultry Patty, who works at the Cape Town sex club secretly attended by the small town's elite, who now finds herself in New York.

Is Lee still alive? And who is Captain Stranger?

About the author:

Eva Mazza, a long-time resident of Stellenbosch, was inspired by the many “guarded” secrets she discovered in her home town to pen her debut, Sex, Lies and Stellenbosch, which was an instant best-seller. Readers begged for a sequel. Sex, Lies Declassified reveals even more steamy scandals involving the characters readers love to hate. Mazza is working on the final instalment of her successful trilogy.

Sex, Lies Declassified is available as an eBook via Amazon and Kobo