Young bibliophile Nosipho Nkosi reviews 'Bau and the Baobab'

15 October 2020 - 13:49 By Nosipho Nkosi
Young bibliophile Nosipho Nkosi poses with 'Bau and the Baobab'.
Young bibliophile Nosipho Nkosi poses with 'Bau and the Baobab'.
Image: Erica Louw

Twelve-year-old bibliophile Nosipho Nkosi recently read Lesley Beake's Bau and the Baobab, an illustrated children's book about a young girl playing hide-and-seek with her friends in the African veld. Here Nosipho shares her thoughts.

Author: Lesley Beake

Illustrator: Ann Walton

Would you recommend it? Yes, because it shows local animals and it is fun to read. 

Characters: Bau, the children and South African wildlife. 

Summary: The story is about Bau and a baobab tree. Bau and her friends were playing hide and seek but Bau couldn't find her friends. Suddenly she saw tiny and big footprints. She followed those footprints and saw different kinds of animals: many mice, a hornbill, a meerkat, a tortoise, a porcupine, a duiker, a warthog, an ostrich, a giraffe, and an elephant.

What am I curious about? I'm curious about an elephant, a duiker, a tortoise, a warthog, a hornbill, a porcupine and a giraffe. 

Why is this book important? Because it teaches children about local animals. 

Who is the book for? Children and people who are interested in learning about nature. I also think the illustrations are fantastic, because it explains the story well.

What I learnt: I learnt about different animals and their footprints, and also about nature. 

Bau and the Baobab is published by NB Publishers