WATCH | Achmat Dangor discusses Dikeledi: Child of Tears, No More

Dangor hopes that young people will resonate with his novel - to both cope with the heritage of the past and the challenges of the future

10 January 2019 - 11:45

An evocative and finely detailed novel of ordinary life under apartheid that follows the lives of a family, particularly the women of various generations, who are named Dikeledi, who together form the backbone of the story.

Dikeledi captures, carefully and movingly, the essence of the turbulent days in which it is set.

The focus on family drama within an incredibly difficult social situation, the small daily struggles rather than the huge challenges that conventionally make for ‘good’ archival footage, are what sets the novel apart from other literature that deals with the period.





Here Dangor discusses his remarkable book on

Achmat Dangor hopes that younger people with resonate with his remarkable novel - not only to cope with the heritage of the past but also the challenges of the future.