WATCH | Craig Higginson discusses The White Room on SABC

"The novel's very much about characters pretending to be one thing but actually being another thing"

11 February 2019 - 12:27

South African playwright Hannah Meade arrives in London for the opening night of her new play. She has arranged to meet Pierre, the student she was in love with when she taught English in Paris.

During their time together, they lied their way towards truths they were too young and inexperienced to endure. Perhaps this time they will have a second chance.

As the reader is drawn from contemporary London back to Paris on the eve of the war in Iraq, the mystery of past events is brought to vivid life in a series of dramatic, intriguing and deeply moving encounters.

Written in layered, stark prose, The White Room lays bare many of our assumptions about language, identity, memory, loss and love.

Here author Craig Higginson discusses his singular novel on SABC:

Novelist and playwright Craig Higginson discusses The White Room on SABC News.

  • The White Room is published by Picador Africa, an imprint of Pan Macmillan