Van Schaik Bookstore set to make a splash as it enters school market

10 December 2019 - 12:12
As part of its diversity strategy, Van Schaik has decided to service schools.
As part of its diversity strategy, Van Schaik has decided to service schools.
Image: Yulia Grogoryeva/123RF

Van Schaik Bookstore, traditionally a supplier of academic books primarily to tertiary institutions, has significantly increased its offering to target the school market, supplying textbooks, study aids and stationery to schools across SA.

“Van Schaik has decided to service schools, as part of our diversity strategy as an educational brand and in response to market needs,” says Van Schaik MD Stephan Erasmus.

“It makes complete sense for the brand to extend its offering into schools, as we have been working with universities and other higher educational institutions for many years. We understand the academic market and we have excellent relationships with all the academic publishers.”

“The school market is substantial, with very few players servicing the sector. There were more than 12,400,000 learners registered at 23,796 government schools and more than 400,000 learners registered at 1,966 private schools in South Africa in 2019,” Erasmus added.

“Van Schaik’s footprint of more than 70 bricks-and-mortar stores and an online store, plus our established supply systems, enables the business to service schools, parents and learners in urban and rural areas across South Africa,” said Van Schaik COO Ugan Poobalan.

“We are familiar with what customers need. With consumers being cash-strapped in the current economy, the Van Schaik store card is proving to be a huge help, enabling parents to get all their children’s school material when they need to and pay later,” said Poobalan.

“Our staff go into the schools in the vicinity of our stores and obtain their book lists, and we keep a wide range of study guides and stationery, so we can be sure we have what our customers need.”

Issued on behalf of Van Schaik by Catalyst Communications