Why reading aloud reaps rewards

30 January 2020 - 12:03

In a country where nearly 80% of Grade 4 pupils cannot read with comprehension in any language, there is one day on the international calendar that deserves every educator, parent and child’s attention: World Read Aloud Day.

Celebrated on February 5 this year, World Read Aloud Day celebrates the power of words, as shared audibly among people of all ages.

Reading aloud holds many rewards. For one, it promotes a stronger vocabulary. One of the main ways in which children hone their language skills is through listening. They don’t hear the word in isolation; they are exposed to the context in which that word is used. This opens up a world of possibility for them and expands their communication potential.

“Attention deficit”. This term is bandied about so frequently, but imagine the power that is waiting to be unleashed in a few weekly “read aloud” sessions in the classroom. No phones to distract thoughts and someone who reads a popular choice of material, grabbing the audience’s interest and increasing the pupils' attention span. The right book, read by an enthusiastic reader, can make a world of difference to children, young and old.

A well-written story can communicate coping skills to a group of pupils who might be faced with a problem. Reading aloud can provide a safe way of identifying emotions in the classroom or home setting. Think of bullying. A gripping tale on the subject could encourage children to express their feelings during discussion time and help to diffuse emotions.

In the classroom and at home, reading aloud promotes bonding. The quality time helps adults unwind, reinforces relationships and helps children develop social and interpersonal skills.

The child who grows up to read with understanding is set on a sure path to success. Help the children you know stand out from the crowd today!

Since 1979, READ Educational Trust has successfully promoted literacy across SA, reaching the historically disadvantaged and making a difference in the lives of children hungry for knowledge and skills. Together, we celebrate World Read Aloud Day.

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  • Article courtesy of READ Educational Trust