Amabookabooka: The Quarantine Chronicles - Paul Morris

13 April 2020 - 12:31 By amabookabooka
'Back to Angola' by Paul Morris.
'Back to Angola' by Paul Morris.
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Amabookabooka, the literary podcast produced by Jonathan Ancer and Dan Dewes, travels into the heart of the lockdown to bring you quick and quirky interviews with SA's finest authors via everyone's favourite isolation mode of communication, Zoom.

Paul Morris went to Angola in 1987. He was a young soldier who had been conscripted into the South African Defence Force as it waged a brutal bush war against its neighbours.

For 25 years Angola was the country of Paul’s nightmares. He returned to the country in 2012 - this time he wasn’t a 20-year-old soldier in an army’s armoured buffel; he was a middle-aged man on a bicycle.

He cycled 1500km across the country to witness Angola in peacetime; to enjoy the beauty of the bush and to meet the people who live there. One of the people he met was Roberto, a Cuban, who had been fighting in Angola against the apartheid army - the meeting with Roberto was the most profound moment of Paul’s life.

In Back to Angola, Paul's memoir published in 2014, he writes about a journey that took him back into the past as well as into the present.