Exclusive Books announces 2020 Christmas list titles

09 December 2020 - 07:19 By TimesLIVE
Exclusive Books' 2020 Christmas list includes a smorgasbord of titles.
Exclusive Books' 2020 Christmas list includes a smorgasbord of titles.
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Traditionally the release of top titles is always weighted closer towards the end of the year, towards the Christmas season.

This year it is even more pronounced as many titles scheduled to release during the time period that then became lockdown (both in SA and abroad) meant some book releases were pushed to later in the year.

This year Exclusive Books is seeing a bumper crop.

"When selecting the titles, focus is always on range – something for everyone – so there is a good mix of accessible, bestselling books and cherry-picked quirky titles that may not sell in large quantities, but give our selection texture, character and special interest," says Batya Bricker, general manager at Exclusive Books.

"Customers have come to rely on us to hone in on the gems that sometimes get overlooked because they are not big sellers or written by famous authors. We keep our eye on books that are imminently ‘giftable’ – that would make great gifts. One is Charlie Mackesy's The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse, which has become a modern classic and is the perfect gift."

Something old feels new

Internationally and locally, lockdown readers favoured backlist titles (those published 12 months ago or more). While the Christmas selection is usually only new titles, Exclusive Books have, for the first time, in addition to the new titles, also compiled a range of special offers on backlist titles of some of the most popular authors, including Deepak Chopra, Jo Nesbo, Ken Follett, Rick Riordan, Nicholas Sparks, Brene Brown and Rudi van Rensburg.

This range of special offers is exclusive to Exclusive Books, and stock is limited.

Trends in non-fiction

While there is a level of political exposé fatigue, books on our current situation, in the world and in particularly in SA, are always useful tools to help unpack the present.

Exclusive Books is always looking for a diversity of stories and voices. Encouraging diversity is a change that does not come overnight, but it’s something everybody cares about, especially in SA. As a result, the range in non-fiction comes from all sides and covers everything from politics to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Inspired reading

Aside from a few fiction and children’s titles, the best-selling books during lockdown saw a significant focus on inspired reading – books that reframe reality, provide a fresh perspective or new way of looking at the world.

As readers struggle to come to terms with the "new normal", Exclusive Books expects this trend to continue well into Christmas, and have ensured their selection of "rework your life" reading on The List is fulsome and wide-ranging, with everything from Helena Kriel's Meditating with Rhinos to Edith Egers’ The Gift.

Great value

With the dire economic situation affecting retail directly, Exclusive Books is cognisant that customers may be looking for value and cost-effective gift options this festive season. They have a selection of 20 books at brilliant, giveaway prices, and constant Fanatics-only offers during December.

Gift of choice

Gift vouchers are always a popular choice at Christmas time. Gift cards with a festive card sleeve will be available at all Exclusive Books physical stores.

With Covid-19 at play on current customer behaviour, they have overhauled their voucher offer online, and from December you will find beautiful templates (and different messages) to choose from, and full functionality so you can write your own note and send either a physical gift card or e-card to anyone around the world with just the click of a button.

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