Bumble Books launches six new titles and literacy campaign

30 March 2021 - 12:37
By Beryl Eichenberger
Savour these fun new titles and join readers on many adventures with fascinating characters.
Image: Supplied Savour these fun new titles and join readers on many adventures with fascinating characters.

Reading is magic and award-winning children’s publisher Bumble Books continues to produce the most magical children’s books with the release of six new titles.

Bumble is committed to advancing literacy and getting their stories to needy communities to set young minds on the road to success.

To promote their first six new title releases of 2021, Bumble has launched its Buy-One-Donate-One (Bodo) campaign. Purchase any one, two or three of the new titles and Bumble will donate the equivalent number of books to a needy organisation. They are supporting Shine, Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital, Sisanda FunDaytion, Read to Rise, Chris Otto Foundation and schools and libraries in need.

Beautifully illustrated, there’s a wealth of fun on every page of a Bumble book, with stories that transport curious children to faraway places. Imagination runs riot with wonderful pictures and where exciting new friends pop up on every page.

It’s a fun-filled magic carpet ride of adventure and learning, introducing children to the world of storytelling and stimulating creativity in the most delightful way.

Penguin and the Bear by Deidre Matthee introduces us to the power of friendship. Even though they don’t live in the same place, Penguin and Bear can still be friends. Illustrated by Maria Lebedeva.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you are asleep? Where do you go? When Finn finds himself in a magical world where animals sing, imagine what can happen. Written and illustrated by Emmaline Tomalin, Song of the World will captivate young minds.

We all know the Big Five animals but do you know the Little Five? They’re easy to miss in the African bush because they are so small. Let us introduce you to them in author and illustrator Janina Pechova’s delightful books The Big Rescue and The Cheeky Spider and you’ll be amazed at their extraordinary adventures.

Have you ever met an alien from outer space? In Sadia Ismail’s new book Copycat, illustrated by Dale Blankenaar, we find out what happens when an alien visits Kagiso one night.

In The Woodcutter's Dream by Shelley Maisel and illustrated by Cheryl Neave, we meet Joe the woodcutter, who one night dreamt he was a bird with multicoloured wings- a  dream that would change his life and everything around him.

Give the gift of literacy by going online to purchase at ww w.bumblebooksonline.com or visit your local bookstores. For more information e-mail robin@bumblebooksonline.com.

  • Issued on behalf of Bumble Books by Beryl Eichenberger