Book Dash announces 10 new books for download

04 June 2021 - 13:52
By Book Dash
Book Dash announced 10 new titles to download - mahala!
Image: Zero2Five Book Dash announced 10 new titles to download - mahala!

In a bid to continue combating the literacy crisis in SA, Book Dash is proud to announce it has added 10 new children’s books to its library, bringing the total original publications on their site to 156.

These are free to read on Book Dash’s data-free website.

The books were created during the NPO’s virtual Book Dash event on May 15 and contributors from all over the world again played their part in creating new and exciting books. All books have been published and are ready and free to read on Book Dash’s website.

Creative volunteers Wiehan de Jager and Siphiliselwe Makhanya both expressed how they loved being part of this year’s Book Dash.

De Jager – an illustrator who worked on Little Shoots - said, “It has been such a great experience, and an honour. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be part of this wonderful project.”

Writer Makhanya (Whose Shoe is This?) shared her thoughts on the creative process. “I had a lot of fun and learnt so much! How amazing to see other creative people at work and to witness their processes. Thank you for the opportunity and for the work that you do. I can vouch for the wonder it brings into our children’s lives.”