It's an African first, it's queer, it's collaborative, it's a comic

Diverse narratives meet in 'Meanwhile', a must-read for fans of the graphic arts

17 October 2019 - 15:15 By MATHOKO'S BOOKS

Beautiful illustrations, vibrant colour and diverse lives meet in Meanwhile ...

This collection offers insight into the worlds young, queer Africans navigate.

Contributors, in association with the Qintu Collab, created personal timelines and visual maps of their bodies, relationships, and spaces.

The writers worked with comic artists, Kit Beukes and Nas Hoosen to develop unique stories that represent their own narratives.

Meanwhile … is Africa’s first queer collaborative comic and a must-read for any fan of the graphic arts.

About the authors

The Qintu Collab was formed to allow young queer people from a few African countries to come together, share experiences and create context-specific, queer-positive media that document relatable stories about and for queer African youth.

They regard this as a necessary step in developing a complex archive of queer African life, while also personalising queer experiences and challenging prejudicial stereotypes. The Collab is made up of 18 queer youth from Botswana, Kenya and Zimbabwe, two academics, three artists and a journalist.