WATCH | Cover reveal of Iman Rappetti's 'Sermons of Soul'

22 June 2020 - 15:23

To be published in August, Sermons of Soul brings you the best-loved opening segments from Iman Rappetti’s award-winning radio show, POWER Talk.

With each daily sermon, Rappetti sought to reach out to her listeners and give them something special before the day’s tough subjects unfolded on the programme. She wanted to create a moment for them to feel appreciated, thought of, challenged or cared for.

Some days the sermon was a motivational letter, encouraging listeners to stay strong and confident, to have hope for themselves and the country. On other days it was different: a call to action, a sociopolitical critique, or a moving assessment of how we were doing as a society.

These few minutes became one of the most-listened-to segments in radio - so popular that people frequently called in to comment on the impact of the messages or stopped Rappetti in the street to talk about them, sometimes even praising the sermons as life-changing.

Reading Rappetti's labour of love will encourage, inspire, and remind the reader of important issues.

Rappetti is an award-winning broadcaster and the founder of strategic communications firm RappettiCom.