KPMG review of work done for Guptas to be completed by end of month

10 September 2017 - 14:11 By Genevieve Quintal And Graeme Hosken
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Ajay Gupta and his younger brother Atul. File photo.
Ajay Gupta and his younger brother Atul. File photo.

Auditing and accounting firm KPMG says a review of work done for the Guptas will be comprehensive and complete by the end of September.

The review team is being led by a senior partner from KPMG International with law firm Norton Rose Fulbright as external counsel.

“The scale and scope is comprehensive and covers all aspects of our work related to the Gupta group‚” said KPMG.

It would report any irregularities unearthed to the authorities if wrongdoing was found.

These are some of the services KPMG rendered to the Guptas‚ according to the leaked emails:

- Appointed as auditors for Gupta companies including All Craze‚ Oakbay Investments‚ Sahara Systems‚ Westdawn Investments‚ Tegeta Exploration and Resources (2008)

- Appointed auditor for Islandsite Investments 180 (2009)

- Provided financial services pertaining to sales and data to Sahara Computers (December 2010);

- Advisory and financial services relating to the acquisition of Shiva Uranium (March 2011)

- Advice to the Sahara Group on setting up foreign bank accounts.

- Auditing services for the Sahara Group (2012 onwards);

- Financial statements for Oakbay Investments (2012 onwards);

- Handling of a tax dispute between Sahara and the SA Revenue Services (October 2012); Advisory and financial services to Infinity Media Networks (2013 onwards);

- Obtaining bank confirmations for Oakbay Investments (2014 onwards);

- Facilitation of a loan agreement between Wavestone and Oakbay Investments (2013);

- Conducted audits for Sahara Computers (May 2013);

- Advisory and other services relating to litigation between Sahara Holding and Q-Soft Technologies (2014);

- Auditing services for All Craze (2014 onwards);

- Auditing services for Sahara Distribution (2014 onwards);

- Auditing services for Sahara Holdings (2014 onwards);

- Financial statements for Sahara Distribution (2014 onwards)

- Financial statements for Sahara Computers‚ Sahara Consumables and Sahara Distributions (2014 onwards);

- Confidentiality agreement between Oakbay and Eternal Flame (May 2014);

- Confidentiality statement for Before the Wind Investments 220 (October 2014);

- “Subordination agreements” between Islandsite and Infinity Media Holdings and Islandsite and Vesiana Property Holdings and put together letters of comfort from shareholders (November 2014);

- Oakbay Resources and Energy listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (November 2014);

- Tax opinion and audit of VR Laser Services (January 2015);

- Audit of the Sun City Wedding (September 2014);

- Audit of Sahara Distribution (April 2015);

- Due diligence on Ubank (January 2015);

- Duduzane Zuma’s remuneration at Oakbay Resources and Energy at year end (February 2015);

- Conducted a peer analysis (March 2015);

- Checked Sahara Computers’ aircraft and their insurance (April and May 2015);

- Gave advice to Gupta family members on investments and forming companies in Dubai; gave an opinion on tax implications in the UAE.

- Drafting of the confidential expression of intention to buy Optimum Coal (July 2015)

- Due diligence on Optimum Coal called Project Dragline (November 2015)

- Various correspondence between KPMG and Shaun Blankfield of Glencore (June 2015)

- Conducted a valuation and put together financials for Gearhouse (August 2015)

- Audit of LMT Holdings‚ which had a contract with Denel‚ and this landed up in the Guptas’ possession (March 2015)

- Provided VAT advice for Sahara Computers when it had oversupplied stock to Lenovo;

- Put together a proposed scope for financial and tax due diligence for the Sarsgrove Dairy called Project Jersey (April 2014)

- Managed the registration and administration of the TNA Foundation trust‚ free of charge.

- Provided the Guptas with tax advisory‚ “tax structures and implications” and litigation services throughout the period in question.


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