SA banks 'safe‚ well capitalised and sound‚' despite Moody's rating

12 September 2017 - 10:47 By Jan Willem Bornman
Image: Gallo Images/ IStock

Cas Coovadia‚ managing director association‚ said: "The decision is based on our banks’ exposure to the country’s broader economic environment‚ where growth has been sluggish."

Moody's downgraded South Africa one notch to a "negative outlook" in June this year‚ while two other ratings agencies downgraded the country to junk status.

Coovadia said despite Moody's decision to maintain its negative outlook‚ South Africa's banks remained safe‚ well capitalised and among the most sound in the world.

"Moody’s took cognisance of our challenging operating environment‚ characterised by weak consumer and investor confidence and rising unemployment‚" Coovadia said in a statement on Tuesday.

"This will have some effect on business opportunities and loan demand‚ and perhaps impact the quality of some loans‚" he said.

Coovadia said Moody's noted in its statement that impaired loans were at a historically low level of only 2.9% of total loans.

"In addition‚ our member banks keep healthy capital buffers‚ which allow for loan grown and protection of creditors. Our financially sound corporate clients also benefit our asset-risk position‚ as Moody’s further notes‚" Coovadia said.

"Banks’ prospects are tied to those of the economy. The weak economy in which South African banks operate is a function of the weak leadership of the current government and the climate of policy uncertainty that reigns in almost every sector‚" he said.

"As a country‚ we face tough economy headwinds‚ which require tough leadership. In the absence of this leadership and any tangible efforts to grow the economy‚ those most affected will always be the poorest of the poor."