We've done the math and your overseas trip just got WAY more expensive

05 September 2018 - 10:56 By Staff Writer
Image: 123RF/ 06photo
Image: 123RF/ 06photo

February's Ramaphoria seems very far away after the price of an ordinary hotel room and a modest meal went through the roof in September.

At time of writing, the rand was trading at R15.58 to the US dollar, at R19.99 to the UK pound and at R18.08 to the Euro.

A Big Mac. Image: MCDONALDS
A Big Mac. Image: MCDONALDS

This compares with R11.50 to the US dollar, R16.37 to the pound and R14.12 to the Euro at the height of 'Ramaphoria' back in February.

The effect on accommodation and food abroad has been dramatic.

We priced an ordinary meal and a standard Holiday Inn room in New York, London and Paris to illustrate just how much the price has gone up.

The table is based on the advertised price of a standard Holiday Inn room in all three cities as well as a reasonable tourist meal. We chose a Big Mac for New York, fish and chips for London and a baguette for Paris.

The Holiday Inn room was priced at $355.30 for New York, £212.43 for London and €259.20 for Paris.