Discovery Insure offers short-term insurance for your particular life stage

The lifelong value of short-term insurance cover

22 February 2021 - 10:22
A Discovery Insure Plan for every life stage.
A Discovery Insure Plan for every life stage.
Image: Supplied/Discovery Insure

Chances are, what you most need from insurance cover today may be different from those around you. Why? Personal circumstances and life stages.

What matters most when it comes to short-term insurance cover?

Generally, most of us want cover that shows an understanding of our personal needs and circumstances.

The need for insurance cover often occurs due to an unpleasant and unfortunate event– a home break-in, hijacking, vehicle breakdown, accident or theft, or a need to repair some form of damage. Sensitivity in handling such claims can really go a long way in cementing value for a person.  

A one-size-fits-all plan doesn’t provide the same value for everyone. This is where a tailored approach, highlighting benefits that seamlessly fit with what matters most to a person during various life stages work well, while still offering the best, comprehensive protective cover for an unforeseen circumstance.

A Discovery Insure Plan for every life stage:

  • The young adult (early 20s):

Young adults want insurance cover that’s comprehensive while convenient too. Digitally savvy, they also favour technologically advanced features and processes that are simple to access and follow — right at their fingertips.

Discovery Insure‘s Young Adult Benefit for drivers under the age of 26 is geared to encourage improved driving behaviour through an incentivised rewards programme — Vitality Drive,” says Discovery-certified Platinum Prestige financial adviser Neil le Roux.

“Earning rewards on the Vitality Drive programme appeals to young adults. Rewards include earning up to 50% cash back on fuel spend at BP or Shell garages, up to 50% cash back on Gautrain spend, and up to 25% off Uber, Road Trip or Scooter Angels services.”

  • The price-sensitive adult (mid to late 20s):

At this stage, young adults are looking to create more established futures, such as cementing chosen career paths and settling into personal life choices.

“A person begins to favour the kind of features and benefits that save them time and money. With a solid protective offering, the Discovery Insure Essential Plan is an ideal fit,” says Le Roux.

“Excess flexibility, screen protectors, car hire, emergency roadside assistance, home assist and Xpress repairs, retail value boosters and even legal support benefits contribute towards value-added, comprehensive cover for the assets that price-sensitive adults tend to favour.”

  • The young family (the 30s):

At this stage, careers are more established or settled, and people may begin to shift their focus to starting a family.

“Young families want comprehensive cover that takes care of their car and household insurance needs so that they can focus on their family. The Discovery Insure Classic Plan provides extensive cover that brings peace of mind,” says Le Roux.

“In addition to state-of-the-art safety features, young families can benefit from up to 25% off child car seats, up to 20% discount on vehicle maintenance, and additional warranty cover for the mechanical breakdown and electrical failure of their vehicles.” 

  • The more established family with young drivers (the 40s and 50s):

“For families that are settled and preparing for retirement, the Discovery Insure Classic Plan is also a good fit,” says Le Roux. “Plans offer protective cover, taking care of any unforeseen expenses.”

Parents with adult children who are new drivers can get no-excess benefits, a write-off accelerator feature, retail value boosters and embedded car hire or Uber trip discounts. The Insure Funder account is a useful feature to build funds to cover vehicle excess, should a claim be processed, and the ability to fund up to 100% of spend on new tyres at Tiger Wheel & Tyre.

  • The high-net-worth individual (40s+):

This individual is an established executive with career goals and ambitions. They are entirely self-sufficient, financially stable, goal-orientated and ambitious, and looking for personalised cover and service.

“Discovery Insure offers the Purple Plan, which provides enhanced benefit limits, cover for all risks, a dedicated service executive, flexible portable possessions cover, exclusive experiences, safety features and Vitality Drive rewards. Luxury touches built into this plan include a cellphone upgrade benefit, upgraded car hire selections, and multi-vehicle benefit cover,” says Le Roux.

Matching real value with relevant needs

“During the course of our lives, we make choices and establish ourselves in ways that create different priorities. As such, we have different needs when it comes to insurance cover."

Extensively structured plans ensure that basic needs can be well taken care of at any point in our lives. Value is created when plans go beyond these basic needs.

“When you have a comprehensive plan in place, unplanned for additional expenses can be avoided when the unexpected happens. This lightens the load on your pocket, so you can get back to what matter to you most at whichever life stage you’re in," says Le Roux.

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