Huawei Assistant·Today app is your personal assistant in your pocket

Here’s a breakdown of what your smart PA can do for you

18 May 2021 - 08:18
The Huawei Assistant·Today app allows you to enjoy everyday services, with ease.
The Huawei Assistant·Today app allows you to enjoy everyday services, with ease.
Image: Supplied/Huawei Mobile Services

Now more than ever our world is vastly less accessible than it was pre-Covid-19, and this will continue to be a reality well into the future. 

In this new reality, an app that can help you manage your life and remind you to attend your child’s virtual parent-teacher meeting, for example, or plan for your next health check, goes a long way. The Huawei Assistant·Today app can do that and much more for you.

Watch the video below:

The Huawei Assistant·Today app is like your smart personal assistant; it makes things simple. It allows for effortless searches on your smartphone such as locally installed apps, memos, e-mails and calendar entries, either directly on your default browser, or you can scan your tailored newsfeed for items of interest. 

Here’s a breakdown of what your smart PA can do for you:

Direct access to information

The Huawei Assistant·Today app allows you to enjoy everyday services, with ease. Pin up to four shortcuts, such as your notes, calendar, e-mails or an online grocery store app, directly on the home screen to access your favourite content with a single touch. The app also learns your preferences and offers recommendations based on what you search for frequently. For instance, if you’re an online shopper, whether buying food, clothes or books, these shortcuts will make shopping easier and fun. 

Smart and efficient service

Huawei Assistant·Today uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide you with real-time information and services, in a smarter and simpler way. The assistant directly displays notifications and reminders via smart cards, based on your needs and specific usage circumstances. Smart cards are generated based on the information on your phone, and about weather, your calendar, missed calls, app use, mobile data usage and more. There are also smart cards for categories such as recipes, sport and even the stock market.  

Your personal curated newsfeed 

Huawei Assistant·Today enables you to stay plugged into your world, drawing from leading media outlets and publications around the globe, for engaging and up-to-the-minute news content. Locally, the News24 app is used, where stories are updated a few times a day, which means you will never miss a headline when it comes to trending news stories.  When you click on the newsfeed, you get directed to the website to access more stories. And, when you’re done catching up on the latest news, you can click the little back arrow that will bring you back to your smart PA in your pocket.

The Huawei Assistant·Today is an intelligent, one-stop solution for all your needs, conveniently centralising functions and features for ease of access and use in a way Huawei users have not experienced before. 

The Huawei Assistant·Today app is preloaded on most of Huawei’s new mobile phones and supported by some older models. To access the app on your HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) device swipe right from the home page, and for older devices, install the app from the AppGallery, following the instructions to download and enable the service.

This article was paid for by Huawei Mobile Services.