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We examine the work of SA's auditor-general, who holds government departmental spending to account, and the public-private partnerships which have resulted from the Covid-19 pandemic

21 June 2021 - 15:22
Read the latest Empowerment magazine below.
Read the latest Empowerment magazine below.
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Empowerment does not always get good press. The perception that many have is that it is something that the ruling ANC dreamt up to enrich themselves and some of their comrades.

But empowerment is certainly not that. It is at the heart of efforts to transform our economy from one that has been very exclusive — meaning that it benefited only white people — to one that will be inclusive — meaning that it will benefit everyone.

Apart from the high-profile BEE beneficiaries, who always hog the headlines for all the wrong reasons, there are people who are trying to empower those who have always been on the sidelines of the economy. People who religiously help to develop the skills of young people, who make sure that corporates procure from smaller, mainly black businesses, and who try to make sure those who need finance to kick-start their businesses have access.

We will never move forward as a society and an economy if we do not try to find ways to involve the majority in creating riches for everyone. The days of only the few benefiting are over.

In this issue we look at the work done by SA's new auditor-general, who has to hold government departments to account for their spending; how government has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic and the public-private partnerships that have resulted because of this crisis; plus regular features such as fronting and gender empowerment.

Ryland Fisher


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