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Using experts will help you achieve your goals faster and more efficiently

05 July 2021 - 09:54
Expert consultants can provide the boost your business might need.
Expert consultants can provide the boost your business might need.
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There’s a humorous adage that says “a consultant is someone who takes the watch off your arm, then tells you what time it is”. However, despite the joking, consultants are necessary and perhaps more important than ever before.

Though businesses were rapidly evolving digitally before the pandemic struck, lockdown has created a massive demand for even speedier digital transformation and cloud computing. It’s much easier if you have an expert consultant advising you.

There is a growing clamour within businesses for the implementation of proper succession planning, something certainly worth the expense of using experts to achieve. The same could be said of human resources, particularly with the shift to remote working and the increasing need for specialist skills.

With the implementation of the Protection of Personal Information Act, compliance remains at the forefront of most business leaders’ minds. The potential for reputational and financial damage should you fail to protect this data is huge — a consultant will advise your company on how to use personal information to your benefit and avoid costly fines.

South African businesses also need to meet the requirements of BBBEE. The rules around this can also be complex and difficult to navigate, making the hiring of an expert the logical choice.

Lastly, once your business is transformed, in the cloud and fully compliant with the rules, you need to let customers know. This is when you should bring in a marketing consultant.

Rodney Weidemann


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