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Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns have seen a rise in service-based franchises

11 August 2021 - 09:21
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There’s a quote that’s often attributed to Winston Churchill: “Success is not final; failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” There doesn’t actually appear to be any proof that he said that, but it’s good enough for the purposes of this magazine.

Business owners, especially those in the SME space, required great reserves of courage to endure through the morass that was last year. Some succeeded, some failed, and both sides hopefully pressed on.

A surprising number of people entered the entrepreneurial space, spurred by lay-offs and a desire to take control of their own destinies in uncertain times. We explore this and other sector trends on page 20.

Business owners need enabling structures, finance and legislation, so we investigate the role played by organisations such as the IDC, SEFA and the NEF, as well as what budget 2021 has in store, on page 8.

Support comes in the form of knowledge too, which needs to be shared both vertically and horizontally within a franchised business (see page 26).

Covid-19 and the associated lockdowns have seen a rise in service-based franchises, but the lines between these and product-based franchises aren’t always clear, as we see on page 16.

Concerns around service delivery seem to be driving the growth of water-provision franchises – see page 27. And speaking of water, why aren’t there more plumbing franchises? Find out on page 17.

Going into business requires courage. Being part of a franchise, with the structures and support inherent to the model, can hopefully make that step – and every one on the road to eventual success – a little easier to take.

Anthony Sharpe

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