Khanyi makes clean breast of fight fear

19 December 2010 - 03:12

Socialite Khanyi Mbau was terrified of getting into the ring for a bout of kickboxing - fearing that her breast implants would get ruptured.

The petite actress, singer and tabloid golden girl, 25, was forced into the ring during a challenge on the third series of reality TV show Tropika Island of Treasure filmed in Thailand in November.

Said the outspoken mother-of-one: "As you know, my chest is very fake so I wasn't comfortable doing that. I've got silicone in my chest so I was a bit worried about rupturing those. Or being kicked in my face because my face is my jewel."

Mbau was one of seven celebrities - along with ordinary South Africans - to participate in the show, which was filmed in Phuket, Thailand.

They compete against each other in several challenges for a R1-million prize.

Contestants had to complete one "Survivor-type" challenge a day, with one player voted off per episode - in some episodes, the producers sprung a surprise on contestants by having two players eliminated.

Other well-known contestants include ex-Miss South Africa Tatum Keshwar, TV and radio personality Bonang Matheba, comedian Loyiso Gola and rapper JR.

This week producers of the show, which will be screened on in February, revealed some of the drama and "cattiness" during the two-week shoot in November.

Executive producer Samantha Moon said there was a "very unexpected alliance", with Mbau and Matheba constantly taunting Keshwar.

"They ended up creating tension - maybe too early on in the show," she admitted.

"They were teasing Tatum an awful lot. Maybe it was a joke that just didn't come across as a joke. It was just cattiness that started early and kept going."

However Keshwar said she took it in her stride and refused to confront them saying: "I was told they wanted to share the limelight (and) they wanted to cause the most drama."

Mbau denied that she and Matheba ganged up against the 2008 Miss SA. "Nonsense. Bonang and I were very loud. Bonang and I were flamboyant but we never ganged up against her."

However, she nevertheless took a dig at Keshwar saying she had "won" a challenge that involved everybody pleading to stay on the island.

"Unfortunately, I can't beg. Khanyi Mbau does not beg. And I think she took it the wrong way because I got there and all I said was 'nice tiara'."

Mbau once said she had her old breast implants removed and a new 34D pair inserted because she "didn't want anything to do with Mandla [former boyfriend Mandla Thembu] and what he had bought me".

Matheba, meanwhile, said she and Mbau did not plan to gang up against Keshwar. She described her as "intelligent" and "so strategic".

"Going into the show I thought of Tatum as a beauty queen, stuck up, very formal, always prim and proper. After the island, I have nothing but respect for her."

She said she and Mbau were merely the "fun, crazy elements of the show".

Keshwar said she initially maintained her beauty queen image during the shoot by changing outfits up to three times a day. But, she said, the novelty eventually wore off and she thereafter spent most days in "beautiful bikinis".