Cage fight couple kiss and make up

10 July 2011 - 01:39
Nikki Williams and Weston Cage Picture: WIREIMAGE.COM
Nikki Williams and Weston Cage Picture: WIREIMAGE.COM

Nikki Williams has confessed to being pregnant when she and new hubby Weston Cage had a booze-fuelled row that landed the couple in jail this week.

The singer, 22, originally from Port Elizabeth, married Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage's son on a private yacht in New Orleans on April 24.

She spent Wednesday night in jail in the US on domestic violence charges after a scuffle at their Los Angeles apartment earlier in the week. The Daily Mail reported that the couple has spent time in rehab.

Cage posted videos of his injuries - including bloody gashes, allegedly the result of Williams attacking him with a broken bottle, scratches and bite marks - on his Facebook page. He ran a public poll on whether they should get divorced and then said he intended to do so.

But a day later, their "relationship status" was changed to married again, with Weston once again referring to Williams by her pet name, "Springbokkie".

Williams's father, Attie, who runs The Tuscan Rose boutique wedding venue in Bloemfontein, yesterday condemned the public fracas. "People must take responsibility for their actions. It was Nikki's decision to marry Weston, and she must live with the consequences.''