Reddy, steady, shape up fast

17 July 2011 - 03:10 By TENESHIA NAIDOO
Leeanda Reddy is trying to shed the extra kilos after the birth of her second son
Leeanda Reddy is trying to shed the extra kilos after the birth of her second son

It's been three months since actress Leeanda Reddy gave birth to her second child and already she is on track with her plans getting back into shape and becoming a "hot mama".

Reddy - known for her role as Priya in the soapie Isidingo - welcomed her second son, Zion Chetty, into the world in April.

Reddy and her husband, Clive Chetty, are enjoying their new baby, but she admitted she felt like a "zombie" due to a lack of sleep.

However, she has diligently decided to get back into shape, starting out by eliminating what she calls all the "yummy" food from her diet.

"Isn't it great when a woman gives birth and miraculously comes out of it all svelte and sleek, as if the pregnancy never happened? Well, I am not one of those women! I left the hospital with a happy layer of lard, disguised as water retention."

Reddy, also a comedian, said the pregnancy with Zion was far smoother than with her first son, Yorke, 8, and she made sure she ate healthily.

"No weird cravings and no morning sickness. I tried to eat healthy, or rather healthier this time, because with Yorke it was double cream this and triple choc that, so there were clearly lessons learnt from the first time."

During her second pregnancy, Reddy gained 12kg. Now she has just "the last stretch, which is the hardest to shed".

She is not on a diet regimen, but has cut out all fatty food, baked goodies and anything with refined sugar.

"I have lots of protein which, I believe, is good for milk supply and I eat brown bread or rice and lots of vegetables, with light snacks in between. I had plans to start Pilates a month after the birth but, really, where is the time for that in between feeding, bathing, changing nappies and bathing myself?"

She said it was difficult to go to gym due to her hectic film schedule (Isidingo) and if it wasn't for Johannesburg's unforgiving winter she would get some rigorous exercise in the pool, but for now has settled on walking and a few minutes of stretches.

"When I am not working (TV acting is just part of my work), I try to spend quality time with my family otherwise I end up with the working-mother's guilt."

Reddy said she worked quite a bit while pregnant, adding that "Zion had a rather busy in-utero experience", including going on holiday to Mauritius to celebrate Yorke's birthday and her second pregnancy.

"I shot some intense stories for Isidingo, did quite a few corporate events and performed on stage."

Reddy has now decided to take on fewer acting jobs that demand time away from home but adds, "there are still school fees to pay".

This month, she will take to the stage in one of her favourite productions, Buckled, a play she helped write and produce.

Buckled begins its run at Gold Reef City's Lyric Theatre in Johannesburg on July 28 and ends on July 31.