Nude images of woman smeared all over the Net

02 October 2011 - 02:57 By TASCHICA PILLAY
EXPOSED: One of the images from the blog
EXPOSED: One of the images from the blog

A Verulam woman is at the centre of a sex scandal after explicit pictures of her were posted on the internet.

A VERULAM woman is at the centre of a sex scandal after explicit pictures of her were posted on the internet.

The 36-year-old former bank employee, whose identity is known to the Sunday Times Extra, has hired a private investigator to track down whoever created a blog about her.

Apart from images of her naked, the website contains pornographic material and defamatory statements about the woman.

It also reveals private information, including the names of her family, her address, identity number and cellphone number.

The author of the blog, whose user name is "xlover", claims that the woman was engaged to the son of a prominent Verulam businessman when she had an affair with a married man. It adds that she fell pregnant with her lover's baby and had an abortion, before breaking up with him. It said she was now looking for the "next available victim".

The blog has four postings, including one that describes intimate details of a sex session the married man and the woman had at his Umhlanga apartment.

The woman's brother this week confirmed to the Sunday Times Extra that they had hired a private investigator to look into the blogs, which were posted recently.

"It is out of our control at the moment. I'm not sure who could have done this."

He said his sister was not handling the matter well and had been further traumatised following the recent death of their father.

The brother said the family had been receiving crank calls and had reported the matter to the police.

They added that they had their suspicions about who was behind the blog but would not comment until they had proof.

The woman's ex-boyfriend's cousin, Trevor, confirmed that they had had a four-year relationship.

Trevor said his cousin could not speak because he was in hospital after a car accident.

"I don't know why someone would do such a thing. There are fake e-mails going out from him. It's made out to seem that it was my cousin who did this," Trevor said. "He would have no reason to do such a thing because he was her previous manager, who had an affair with her to which he admitted in writing. He came clean but it has become bitter ever since then."

He said his cousin, who was separated from his wife, has been the victim of harassment for some time.

Police spokesman Vincent Mdunge said there was no record of a case involving the woman being lodged.

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