Evoque stirs up a range of emotions

03 April 2012 - 21:17 By By PHUTI MPYANE

It's back! The pimping industry can't get enough of Range Rover's new Evoque. I too can't get enough of it, especially when it's tuned to look this good.

An aerodynamics package is what makes the Hamann Evoque so attractive
An aerodynamics package is what makes the Hamann Evoque so attractive
An aerodynamics package is what makes the Hamann Evoque so attractive
An aerodynamics package is what makes the Hamann Evoque so attractive

This is the second time an Evoque has graced this corner - and there are many more tuners pimping up the new "Baby Range" out there, featuring varied and interesting directions in modification ideas. The recent Geneva Motor Show proved to be a good place for lovers of tuned Evoques, with quite a few displayed for the public, including a Startech version which had its roof cut off to create a convertible.

It's the current industry darling. I'd have loved nothing more than to show you the whole lot, but space constraints permit only one beauty at a time.

This week's pimped up car is by Hamann, the same guys who created the Hamann Hawk that appeared in this space about a year ago - an SLS AMG so thickly padded with added panels and spoilers it threatened to fly like its namesake. But Hamann's take on a trendy SUV caught my eye most. I'm willing to bet a turbo that your eyes are also glued on this drool tool.

It's the aerodynamics package that makes the Hamman Evoque so attractive, not just the body's black paint and white trimming. While this contrast is quick to grab your focus, work includes fitting a two-piece, front lower spoiler and unique bumper, introducing bold air dams filled with extra daytime running LED lights.

The lower section is also bespoke and painting it white creates a startling level of aggression and cool.

Then there are the extended fenders and side sills. These enlarged bits give this car the proper, hunkered down and wide stance that allows for track of the body gaining an extra 70mm at the front axle and 80mm at the rear.

You need see it only once to know that you'll need to be careful of speed humps, especially the gigantic kind found in Katlehong Township. This car is a feast for the eyes. The rear bumper features a central stainless steel double-pipe.

The central rear bumper panel rounds off the car's look, with a double-pipe stainless-steel muffler.

Looking as saucy as this, we think it will shift faster than its mainstream versions - which do shift with help of a high-performance exhaust system, a sports air filter and optimised engine software.

Hamann says the 2.2 TD4 and the 2.2 ED4 get an increase of 25kW and 65Nm of torque, while the 2.2Si4 is increased by 31kW and 55Nm.

Hamann offers two alloy wheel options, a 295/30ZR22 rubber Anniversary EVO 22-inch and an Anniversary EVO Black line. It will offer custom interior finishes of any sort.