My City: Joburg - Siphiwe Mpye

22 April 2012 - 02:42 By Ziphezinhle Msimango

The GQ Associate Editor on style, King Sobhuza's harem and hanging on to your convictions

READ, THINK, DREAM: Siphiwe Mpye encourages the pursuit of knowledge
READ, THINK, DREAM: Siphiwe Mpye encourages the pursuit of knowledge
READ, THINK, DREAM: Siphiwe Mpye encourages the pursuit of knowledge
READ, THINK, DREAM: Siphiwe Mpye encourages the pursuit of knowledge

I am ... a creative self-diagnosed functional schizophrenic, a dreamer, doer and altogether nice guy.

Where were you born? Kwa Mashu, Durban.

Where do you live? Orange Grove.

Who do you share your house with? My partner, Mathahle, and son Zimele.

You've been said to be one of SA's most stylish men. Do you feel pressure to always be impeccably dressed? Not really. I am confident enough to let the outfit put itself together.

What's the role of a men's magazine? It should be a knowledgeable friend who provides options without dictating.

What do you do when you're not working? Watch or play football, laugh, read, think, dream, work out, meditate.

What's your greatest extravagance? Magazines, books, vinyl records, black coffee.

What's your most treasured possession? My memories and dreams.

I'm predisposed to? Caution.

What's your favourite building in Joburg? There are many, but Corner House in the CBD (pictured), where we shot Diamond in the Ruff is up there. It has spectacular views and plenty of space. I imagine my alter ego living there with a harem to rival King Sobhuza's.

What's the ugliest thing about Joburg? The murkiness beneath its surface and the concrete sprawl in the north.

The most memorable moment you've had in Joburg? The births of my sons.

How do you get around? A Range Rover Evoque.

I can't go a day without ... learning something new.

If you inherited R100-million, what would you do with it? No mysteries here: invest in my family's future, a few business ventures, start a foundation and buy myself time to travel and study further.

What CDs are playing in your car? The Fridge. The lead vocalist, Samthing Soweto, has the most original voice I have heard in a long time.

If your house caught fire, what would you save? The humans, the books, the vinyl, the magazines ...

What are you reading? Guy Kawasaki's The Art of the Start and Orhan Pamuk's Other Colours.

When I go out at night ... I keep it tidy - most of the time.

I always collect ... experiences.

My friends and I like ... laughing and intellectual jousting.

Perfect happiness is ... never having to set aside your convictions for the sake of expediency.

Have you ever taken public transport in Joburg? From Southgate to Krugersdorp on a Saturday morning after a night of promise turned to disaster.

Everything in moderation but ... the pursuit of knowledge.

If money could buy happiness? I'd spend it all at Home Affairs. They need all the cheer in the world over there.