Bisexual men more sexually jealous when dating women: study

16 April 2013 - 13:43 By AFP Relaxnews
Image: Margarita Borodina/

A new study finds that a bisexual man is more likely to worry about sexual infidelity when dating a woman than when he is dating a man.

According to LiveScience, the study supports the notion that jealousy is driven by evolutionary forces: men worry about sexual infidelity because they want to ensure their female partners' children are their own. Meanwhile, women tend to worry about emotional infidelity, "stemming from a time when they had to worry about men allocating resources to their relationship," the website writes.

Previous research suggests that people in same-sex relationships tend to worry more about the emotional aspects of cheating than the sexual aspects, he noted.

"Bisexuals kind of fit both aspects of this jealousy," study researcher Cory Scherer, a social psychologist at Pennsylvania State University Schuylkill, told LiveScience. "You can make predictions of what kind of jealousy they may be distressed by depending on whom they're dating."

He and his colleagues recruited 134 self-identified bisexuals from the US to complete an online survey about their relationships and issues with infidelity. Forty-eight of the subjects were bisexual women dating men, 36 were bisexual women dating women, 27 were bisexual men dating women and 23 were bisexual men dating men.

Findings showed that men dating women were significantly more likely to be jealous and anxious about sexual infidelity than the other groups. Among this group, 49% said they would be more upset by their partner's having sex with someone else compared to an emotional connection with another, while 16% of men dating men said the same thing.

For women dating women, 25% said the sex would bother them more than emotional infidelity, compared to 17% of women dating men.

Findings appeared online April 9 in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.