BMW scooting into Paris

13 September 2016 - 14:04 By AFP Relaxnews

Despite being the world's leading premium carmaker, BMW will be putting as much emphasis on its latest environmentally friendly two-wheel creations as on its sedans and coupés at this month's Paris motor show.

The BMW 3-Series GT offers more legroom than a 3 Series Sedan and more luggage space than a 3 Series Touring station wagon.
The BMW 3-Series GT offers more legroom than a 3 Series Sedan and more luggage space than a 3 Series Touring station wagon.
Image: ©BMW Group AG

The BMW 5-Series sedan is one of the most important cars on the market. It sets the benchmark in terms of luxury, technology and performance, that everyone else in the mid-size executive car market, from Mercedes and Audi to Cadillac and Jaguar will need to match or better.

And while BMW is getting ready to unveil a revolutionary new model, it's just confirmed that it won't be doing so in Paris meaning that we're going to have to wait until the LA Auto Show to see where the new benchmark will be set.

The star cars on BMW's stand therefore will include the new 3-Series GT, which combines the lines of a coupé with four-door practicality plus luggage space that exceeds that of a 3-Series Touring Station Wagon.

Its ingenious packaging has never been in doubt but the original model lacked something in terms of its interior considering its premium standing. Thankfully BMW has addressed this shortcoming with the reworked model with better trim levels and a host of infotainment improvements.

The BMW i3 with 94Ah battery
©BMW Group AG

The other four-wheel reveal will be the physical debut of the overhauled i3. The i3 is BMW's only all-electric car and the upgrades for the new model are all internal. The battery is now much more dense, meaning a significant range improvement -- by 50% -- so that the city car will now return 186 miles or 300km (based on the new tougher NEDC system for measuring fuel efficiency) before a recharge is in order.

The i3's greater range is down to a new 94Ah battery and this cell is at the heart of the BMW C evolution e-scooter, which will be making its global debut in Paris as a two-model range -- one aimed at long-distance traveling and the other at inner city commutes and at European riders that hold the basic A1 license.

2017 BMW C evolution e-scooter
©BMW Group AG

The long-distance model will be able to cover 160km on a single charge, hit a top speed of 129km/h and output 26hp. Not bad at all. The inner city model is somewhat diluted in comparison to meet A1 license restrictions; offering 15hp on tap, a 120km/h top speed and a 100km range before a charging station is needed again.

BMW will hold its Mondial de L'Automobile, Paris press event on September 28 while the event's doors will open officially to the public from October 1.