WATCH: Watch what happens to a Renault Kwid when it crashes at 64km/h

09 November 2016 - 18:02
By Thomas Falkiner

Launched in South Africa last week the new Renault Kwid offers the sweet promise of cheap and cheerful mobility for the masses.

But just how cheerful will it be when you have the misfortune of crashing your brains out in one? If this video filmed by Global NCAP is anything to go by then not very cheerful at all.

For like its distant relative, the equally unsafe Datsun GO, the Kwid failed the NCAP test with zero adult occupant stars (view the full results here).

What’s more, after impacting at 64km/h the car’s bodyshell was rated as “unstable and cannot withstand further loadings.”

Since his brutal critique Renault has apparently added reinforcements in the structure – but only on the driver’s side and not the passenger side. So, better then to spend your money on a safer secondhand car? In my mind it’s an absolute, uh, no-brainer.