Start playing Finders Keepers now and you could share in R1m in prizes

The Finders Keepers competition, brought to you by the Sunday Times and SPAR, is now open. Start playing at any time!

08 April 2018 - 06:06 By Paul Ash
WEEK 2: The answers are hidden in this week's Finders Keepers illustration online and in print.
WEEK 2: The answers are hidden in this week's Finders Keepers illustration online and in print.
Image: Sunday Times

Play at any time

You can start playing online at any time and solve previous weeks' clues – you won't be eligible for past weekly prizes anymore, but you will be able to compete for the grand prize.


Everybody loves a treasure hunt – especially when the treasure is cash.

In this case, the treasure is a million bucks, hidden in rhyming clues in this year’s Finders Keepers competition.

This year’s quest — a joint effort between the Sunday Times and sponsors SPAR — takes the treasure hunt back to its roots, using clues to guide our readers on a virtual journey around South Africa.

The new Finders Keepers was created by advertising agency Fairly Famous. According to Deon Wiggett, creative director, “We wanted to make Finders Keepers as exciting and evocative as it used to be, but it was crucial to make it resonate in South Africa in 2018. 

“That’s why the new Finders Keepers isn’t just fun - it’s meaningful too. Although, at this point, we can’t possibly say more than that.”

The first Sunday Times Finders Keepers ran in the 1980s and contained riddles with such offbeat clues as “This song goes ‘stomp-stomp-clap’”. Solving the clues would lead you to the actual spot where the treasure was buried.

The competition designers had not, however, figured on sharp readers not only solving the clues but also invading small towns such as Dullstroom to tear the place apart looking for the treasure. One hotel owner was most definitely not amused to find people in his inn removing pictures and clocks from the wall.

For this year’s competition, we spent weeks driving the routes to see what’s out there and if the routes work, and have rediscovered some amazing things.

Every Sunday for six weeks you'll find a beautiful illustration containing that week's riddle in the Sunday Times or online at

Using the illustration, solve the clue in the riddle and then submit your answers online — or by USSD if you don’t have an internet connection.

The grand prize is R700,000. There is also a R40,000 weekly cash prize along with an extra R10,000 prize from SPAR every week if you buy a specific product hidden in the illustration or revealed on the Finders Keepers website.

There is plenty to discover out there. If you can find it, you can keep it. And remember this: enjoy the journey.

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