Attention all crossword fans! Have we got a treat for you

Our new quick and cryptic digital crosswords are here - and they're better than ever

13 July 2018 - 09:05 By Sunday Times
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Our digital crosswords are here!

Sunday Times is excited to offer our digital premium subscribers access to online crosswords - a first in South Africa!

We will have two brand-new crosswords every day – a quick crossword and a cryptic crossword. These crosswords can be accessed on Sunday Times and our premium daily digital edition, Times Select.

Note: While you can still try out the crosswords at no cost on Times Select, by the end of July they will also be available only to our subscribers on that website. 

You can choose whether you want to do them on your phone, your desktop, or even print them out. The digital versions have some nifty functions, though, such as an option to choose to have the correct word revealed, or perhaps you might just want a letter revealed as a clue. Don’t forget to time yourself by using the digital ticker at the top of the crossword.

Play the quick crossword here and the cryptic crossword here or click on the PUZZLES tab on the Sunday Times for new crosswords every day. 

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