So, 'God' sent a tweet and 'Jesus' replied

08 August 2018 - 11:27 By TimesLIVE
Twitter 'God' spoke to Twitter 'Jesus'.
Twitter 'God' spoke to Twitter 'Jesus'.
Image: 123RF/Olga Sapegina

A parody account on Twitter which runs under the name @TheTweetofGod sent a message on the social media platform that has gone viral.

"My son is 2,000 years old and still lives with his parents. #Loser."

The message was retweeted over 3,700 times and got over 24,000 likes ... so far.

To add to the humour, another parody account - this one in the name of 'Jesus' @TheSonofGod - replied to the message with a stinging retort.

"I tried to move out, but you threatened me with that crucifixion crap ... remember? Besides you're getting old pops. You need me."

The handle @TheTweetofGod has over 5-million followers while @TheSonofGod handle has over 1,6-million followers.