The cassette revolution is actuals happening in Mzansi, fam

08 August 2018 - 12:03 By Jessica Levitt
The cassette revolution is upon us.
The cassette revolution is upon us.
Image: 123RF/ Valentin Valkov

A recent report released by Official Charts claims that cassette sales in the UK have risen by over 90% in the first half of 2018 and according to a leading retailer of cassettes and vinyls in South Africa, Mr. Vinyl, there's also been a renewed interest in the sale of cassettes in Mzansi.

The UK report states that the revival is mainly due to artists including Snow Patrol, Kylie Minogue and 30 Seconds to Mars releasing music on cassettes.

"There's definitely been an upswing of cassette sales in South Africa. We initially put a cassette stand in the store as a joke but it quickly got interest so we've purchased 12,000 cassettes to take advantage of the interest," said Mr.Vinyl founder Bret Dougmore.

He said that cassettes were popular because of their convenience and the ability to make a mixtape.

"We're taking the interest very seriously. About 70% of the music is international and 30% local music, simply because local music is so hard to source on cassettes."

While the vintage mediums make a comeback, it's the cost that still gets most people pinching their pockets. Dougmore attributes the high moolah factor of vinyls to the fact that they're all imported.

"There are no pressing plants in Africa and all of our vinyls are imported, so that obviously increases the cost. But we've seen a 40% increase in our business on a year to year basis, so despite the cost, people are making the purchases."

In a Twitter poll run on the TimesLIVE Twitter account, 30% of people said they would stick to vinyls, while 23% of people who voted said they'd buy music on cassettes.

"Vinyl is expensive but has the best quality," said @zeewhy_DJ.

"Vinyl because there's no reverse forward to just put the needle where the track begins," wrote @mogomepath.

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