Taxi protocol - 5 things you'll totes experience in a taxi commute

30 October 2018 - 13:00 By Odwa Mjo
The struggles of a taxi commuter.
The struggles of a taxi commuter.
Image: Gallo Images/Foto24/Lulama Zenzile

Every taxi commuter has a story to tell about their most annoying, scary and often hilarious experience. There's a certain etiquette that comes with using taxis and you have to be street smart or you'll find yourself at the receiving end of a sticky situation.

1. Taxi maths 

If you voluntarily sit in the front passenger seat, you're appointing yourself as the designated accountant for the trip. You might consider yourself a mathematical genius, but when 14 passengers are passing you R200 and R100 notes at 7am, you might want to reconsider. The biggest struggle is if the passengers are paying different fares or the taxi fare is R7.70. That means you'll spend the duration the of the trip trying to round off all the numbers...

2. 4-4 Mas'hlalisane

The taxi is only full when the taxi marshal or the driver decides it's full. Just because all of the seats are occupied, don't assume you're ready to go. Somewhere in the second and third row, there's an ''imaginary'' seat. All you'll hear is the driver asking you to sit closer together so a fourth passenger can fit into a seat designed for three.

3. Smooth Criminals

Everybody in the taxi is accounted for. The driver knows exactly how much money they are expecting to make per trip. Somehow there's always someone who manages to slip through the cracks. If no one owns up, the driver, in some instances, will ask all of the passengers to exit the taxi, pay up the outstanding amount or just park on the side of the road and attempt to hold passengers hostage. True story! At this point,everyone is playing ''spot the culprit'' but try to maintain that poker face.

4. A fashion malfunction!! 

Some of the taxis we commute in are not necessarily roadworthy. And sometimes the vehicle's interior is not up to scratch, which means your clothing is likely to get hooked on a screw or wire, while you're trying to make your way in or out of the taxi. The last thing you need is to walk into the office with torn pants from a dramatic commute.

5. Well, this is awkward

When you're struggling to open the back passenger door, follow the driver's instructions, even if he or she is not making any sense. Secondly, don't panic! You'll probably try pulling, sliding and lifting the door: the aim is not to break it. What's the worst that could happen?