The 11 scariest Halloween shows you’ve never heard of

From gory horrors to creepy thrillers, Showmax has the perfect fare for your binge-watch session

30 October 2018 - 15:45
Image: Supplied/Showmax

These series and movies are simply terrifying, and chances are you’ve never seen them before - which means you’ll get to experience the gore, the chills and the nightmares for the very first time. Showmax also has plenty of Halloween classics to stream, including all three Scream movies, if you’re looking for a more familiar flavour of fright.

1. Raw | First on Showmax

Justine is a 16-year-old vegetarian whose appetites, um, change, after she’s pressured into eating meat during a hazing. This starts a dark spiral of lust and hunger in this award-winning horror film that goes where few movies dare to.

2. HBO’s Beware the Slenderman

This terrifying and true documentary investigates the disturbing case of two 12-year-old girls who committed a brutal murder to appease a fictional online bogeyman known as the Slenderman.

3. Channel Zero, seasons 1 and 2 | First on Showmax

The spine-chilling horror anthology series Channel Zero devotes each season to telling a new terrifying story. Each seasonal instalment is based on a different "creepypasta", a popular user-generated online horror story.

4. Freakish, seasons 1 and 2

A chemical explosion in their town leaves a whole school isolated. Then the monsters arrive and they have to fight for survival in this exciting thriller series.  

5. Siembamba | Made in SA

She thought her depression was caused by her child's birth. Then Chloe starts to suspect that an evil entity is haunting them, but nobody believes her. Siembamba is nominated for eight Africa Movie Academy Awards in October, including Best Film, Best Director (Darrell Roodt) and Best Actress (Reine Swart). It was also nominated for two Saftas.  

6. You've Been T@gged, seasons 1 and 2

There is no escape in the connected world as four seemingly unrelated teenagers are targeted by an anonymous creep who stalks them with violent videos. Can they stop it?

7. Die Ontwaking | Made in SA

A serial killer is stalking women and killing them for their tattoos. But only one cop, a new rookie, is getting close to the truth in this gripping thriller.

8. Dark Beacon | First and only on Showmax

While tracking down her former lover, Amy stumbles upon an isolated lighthouse. But there is something very wrong there and she's suddenly up against real madness and dark forces.

9. Sleep Tight, season 1

You won't get a wink of sleep after watching this chilling new horror anthology. Technology and terror meet as a woman documents the creepy encounters of other people. But while she progresses, the horror starts coming after her too.

10. Last Ones Out

When a zombie outbreak leaves them as the last few survivors, four strangers must team up to escape. But can they trust each other when the stakes to succeed are so high? Find out in this nail-biting South African horror movie.

11. Shut Eye

What happens when a con man gets a conscience? Charlie has been pretending to be a psychic when a blow to the head changes his mind – literally. Alas, that might be a problem with his shady boss in this excellent thriller.

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