5 discontinued snacks we wish would make a comeback

13 November 2018 - 06:00 By Odwa Mjo
The Cadbury Tempo remains one of our faves.
The Cadbury Tempo remains one of our faves.
Image: Via Twitter/ @lajarms

There are certain snacks that will go down in history as some of our favourite snacks. Unfortunately, some of these snacks have been discontinued in South Africa through out the years

Here's are 5 snacks we wish would make a comeback to SA

1. Tempo chocolate bar 

The double chocolate, caramel and biscuit filled bar won the hearts of many South Africans for years. You'll be lucky to find a Tempo bar at your nearest grocery store as Cadbury stopped producing the chocolate last year after being produced since 1983.

2. Fresca

A sparkling flavoured drink that quenched the thirst of many South Africans in the 80s and 90s. The drink was discontinued globally and made a come back this year in the USA under Coca-Cola with a fresh new look. However, you won't find it on SA shelves.

3. Maynard Sour Jelly Beans

Many will try, but nothing will come close to the Maynard sour jelly beans that filled the blazer pockets of school children. The brand has since replaced the beans with sour jelly babies, teddies and jubes.  

4. Fanta Strawberry

A fizzy drink loved by South Africans on hot summer days. The product was available in South Africa, however not for the long haul. South Africa currently only has four flavours which include Pineapple, Orange, Grape and Orange zero.  

5. Spare Ribs Simba Chips

A collaboration between Simba and Steers brought us a mouth watering flavour that is now a rare find in SA stores. 

In the meantime, we'll just be like...