WATCH | Wakeskater hitches a ride with a drone in an extreme-sport first

06 December 2018 - 13:16 By Zola Zingithwa

Pro wakeskater Brian Grubb gets towed by a drone down the Sava river in Slovenia.

One of the pioneers of wakeskating, Brian Grubb, has pulled off yet another great stunt. In a world first, he teamed up with Red Bull to get tow ride from a drone down a Slovenian river.

But what exactly is wakeskating?

According to the Phoenix News Times, it’s a water sport that is a cross between wakeboarding and skateboarding. Like with wakeboarding, you do it on the surface of water while being pulled by a speedboat or jet ski. However, unlike in wakeboarding, nothing is holding you down to the board — this is where skateboarding comes in.

In this instance, instead of using a speedboat or jet-ski as a tow vehicle, Grubb used an electric-powered quadcopter drone, which was created specially for him by Infineon Technologies.

Surfer Today reports that the 24kg drone was able to tow Grubb for ten straight minutes and could even lift him in the air for his stunts. Grubb told the publication that "Skimming across the surface of a beautiful river … and flying the drone under a bridge feels pretty damn good".

We can only imagine.