Where to watch the Sunday night movie online

You can watch Mamma Mia, Game Night, Ready Player One and Rampage with Dwayne Johnson with the DStv Now app

02 May 2019 - 15:45
Stream Ready Player One on DStv Now.
Stream Ready Player One on DStv Now.
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The Sunday night movie is a tradition in SA; it's been around so long it’s become part of our culture. Once you hear the sound of Carte Blanche's end credits, you know it's time!

If you missed the Sunday night movie on M-Net, you can still watch it online on DStv Now. Here are the most recent blockbusters.

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again (2018)

It's been five years since Mamma Mia and as Sophie is beginning a new chapter in her life she begins to learn more about her mother's past.

Stream it now.

Game Night (2018)

Jason Bateman and an ensemble cast get in way over their heads in this dark comedy. A group of friends who meet for a game night find mystery, danger and chaos instead.

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Overboard (2018)

Sometimes light and frothy comedy is required; just don't expect any Oscar nominations for this one. When a wealthy yacht owner gets amnesia, a mistreated employee (played by Anna Faris) decides to get her revenge on him.

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Ready Player One (2018)

We're obsessed with Ernest Cline's novel about 80s nostalgia, arcade worship and augmented reality, so when we heard Steven Spielberg was doing a screen adaptation, we were worried. Turns out there was no need. In Ready Player One, when the creator of a virtual world dies, a dangerous, high-stakes hunt for his fortune begins.

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Rampage (2018)

When Dwayne Johnson isn't leaping from a skyscraper or battling it out in Jumanji, he's playing a primatologist in this sci-fi adventure about a sweet albino Silverback Gorilla called George who falls afoul of a genetic experiment. And it turns out gigantic George is not alone. Only The Rock can save us before the antidote is found.

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