Your weekly horoscope: May 19 to 25 2019

What do the stars hold in store for you?

19 May 2019 - 00:00

20 April – 20 May
Charm and grace, rather than hard slog, will win your battles now. Especially since it's authority figures who are giving you the hardest time. Avoid those tedious power games you're so fond of. Appealing as it may sound, intimidation is never a good tactic. New career opportunities are feeding your ambitions. Concentrate on those. And then look out for a new love interest.
21 May – 20 June
Startling happenings jolt you out of your chair. Stop looking so anxious; this is good stuff. Your job is to stay focused, keep to your path, and studiously avoid anyone who's trying to drag you off course. A new cycle of opportunity, innovation and huge bucks begins now. No snoring allowed. But no mad decisions either. This is grown-up time. Take it slowly. Relish the moments.
21 June – 22 July
It's a stormy time and it's going to get stormier for a while. Your first move is to make sure you really want all those things you've been hanging on to so tightly. After all, power struggles aren't your thing. Even if they were, this is the time you'd lose. There's too much emotion in the air, so pause, rethink, rest and wait for new instructions. Be especially kind to people you love. They don't understand what you're so angry about.
23 July – 22 August
Those ancient emotional issues you've so carefully buried are rising to the surface. No tantrums needed here. Your frantic efforts to hide your feelings behind that charming smile are wearing thin. You're going to have to accept a bout of vulnerability. If you need distraction, try property or business. But get some professional advice first. You're a bit dilly on your own. Talented, but dilly.
23 August – 22 September
Don't let anyone know what's really going on in your ingenious head. Not that anyone would deliberately try to deceive you. Much. It's just that confusion is lurking and your judgment is not what it could be. This is not the time to start doubting yourself. Your talents are limitless; put them to good use. Spend time deciding what you want. Show gratitude to the universe.
23 September – 22 October
You're getting into one of those high stress states again. Don't. You know how ill you get when your wires are crossed. And truthfully, the best way to handle this diversion is with some regular exercise. Yes, it sounds revolting. But look for something you can learn to like - dancing or swimming maybe. Your poor body wants to be heard. And cherished a little. Besides, nothing can be achieved until you calm down.
23 October – 21 November
You're not having enough fun. And the part of your psyche that thrives on entertainment is getting shrivelled and cramped. Please note: no-one is impressed by your display of misery, not for longer than an hour anyway. Here's what you do: arrange something self-indulgent every day this week; postpone all boring projects for as long as possible and have a good time. You deserve it.
22 November – 21 December
An interesting turn of events: If you like, you can have whatever career you're focused on. But for reasons known to only you, you've decided to take a back seat, encouraging others to go first. Odd. But, needless to say, there's method here. The Sagittarian is looking for love - and about to find it. But first the softer side must be dug up and tamed. Allow yourself to be vulnerable.
22 December – 19 January
By keeping your eye on the prize, you'll make it over the bumps in the road. Make sure you know what the prize is, or you'll end up in a ditch. It's almost time to let go of something you've been hanging on to well past its sell-by date. You know this is right - and best for everyone. No point making the wound bigger by dwelling on it. So enjoy the swan song, say goodbye and get ready for bigger things.
20 January – 18 February
Your career soldiers tirelessly on, leaving you exhausted but somewhat wealthier. In which case, the planets are sincerely hoping you're planning a break. Yes, another one. Improbable as it may seem, the universe can temporarily stagger on without you. Meanwhile, inhale the energies around you. There's some real happiness about. Breathe it in. Love is calling out to you. Call back.
19 February – 20 March
Let's see. You've got vague promises, old debts, ancient guilts - all familiar, and all tedious. In fact, this is a week designed to drive you nuts if you let it. Here's what to do: pay the bills you absolutely have to, hide your wallet, examine your conscience for real issues, and tell everyone else to take a hike. Not everything is your problem. Be kind to yourself.
21 March – 19 April
Just when you thought you'd run out of options, here comes a new one. It could be a business partner or even a relative, but someone wants to back you. Don't rush, no matter how grateful you feel. Try not to sign anything until you have to. And use the time in between to investigate all your options. No favours here. This is business. And save a few moments for a love life that's feeling neglected. This is not all about you.

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