Seven shows to fill that giant 'Game of Thrones' hole in your TV universe

What our film critic thinks you should watch now that winter has come and gone

21 May 2019 - 10:30
David Tennant and Michael Sheen in 'Good Omens'.
David Tennant and Michael Sheen in 'Good Omens'.
Image: Supplied

With the finale of Game of Thrones now completed, many devoted fans may find themselves at a loss as to what to do next when it comes to chasing the television fix provided by the world’s biggest show over the past eight years.

Fear not though loyal Westeros fans: the GoT universe will make a return to HBO with a prequel chronicling the events that led up to the first series. No official word on what this show will be called, but by all accounts it will start filming later this year and probably land in 2021.

Until then, here is a selection of new and recurring shows to look forward to over the coming months that'll help to fill that GoT-sized hole in your television universe.


Spike Lee’s excellent television adaptation of his 1986 film about enigmatic and alluring Nola Darling's search for love continues.

Starring DeWanda Wise as Nola, it’s an energetic and innovative show that continues America’s most politically - and socially - confrontational director’s return to form in the wake of his recent Oscar win for BlacKKKlansman.

• Available on Netflix from May 24

WATCH | The trailer for 'She's Gotta Have It' S2. WARNING: Strong language.


One last glimpse into the world of the globe’s most successful and expensive show is provided by this documentary, which takes fans into the hectic real world of the making of the final season.

Featuring behind-the-scenes footage and a look into the writers' room and production realities of bringing the show to an end, it’s a fitting farewell to the show and the people who made it made it into an undeniable TV phenomenon over the past eight years.

Airs on DStv and Shomax on May 27 

WATCH | The trailer for 'Game of Thrones: The Last Watch'.


Following on the success of the adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s award-winning fantasy American Gods, Amazon now tackles Gaiman and co-writer Terry Pratchett's dark, comic apocalyptic fantasy Good Omens.

Starring Michael Sheen and David Tennant as a pair of angels on opposite sides trying their best to avoid the worst possible outcome for the future of the world, expectations will be high for the show that Pratchett always wanted to see made, but didn’t manage to live to witness.

Available weekly on Amazon Prime Video from May 31

WATCH | The trailer for 'Good Omens'.


Oscar-nominated director Ava DuVarney is behind this four-part miniseries based on the shocking and controversial events that led to the wrongful conviction of the so-called "Central Park Five" in the 1980s for the rape and murder of a New York jogger.

Already the subject of a 2012 Ken Burns documentary, which helped to secure the Five's release, the story is an angry one of racial injustice and prejudice which should provide a hard-hitting and much-talked about debut for DuVarney to Netflix.

• Available on Netflix from May 31

WATCH | The trailer for 'When They See Us'.


Fresh off the release of the one-off, interactive episode Bandersnatch in December, Charlie Brooker's cynical satire of the dark side of technological advancement returns for a short, three-episode takedown of the foibles of humanity in the digital age.

• Available on Netflix from June 5

WATCH | The trailer for 'Black Mirror' S5.


Maverick Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn makes his television debut with this 10-part series examining the interrelated stories of modern day samurai.

Starring Miles Teller, it's looking like an intriguing and intensely dark neo-noir that will probably be much talked about online with its uniquely striking visuals and signature mix of existential dread and gory violence.

• Available on Amazon Prime Video from June 4

WATCH | The trailer for 'Too Old to Die Young'.


The boys are back in town. The Duffer brothers' phenomenally successful Stephen King-inspired, Steven Spielberg-influenced tale of the small-town boys in a fight against the dark forces unleashed by the "upside down" returns for a third season as the boys grow older and the forces of darkness go stronger.

• Available on Netflix from July 4

WATCH | The trailer for 'Stranger Things' S3.